College access needs reform.
High schoolers spend hours scouring blogs and national reports for relevant data as they apply to college, while the price of hiring an admissions consultant is on average $5,000. Our goal is to increase access to quality admissions guidance without sacrificing a personalized learning experience. By making college application strategy more available, we put the power to apply in their hands.

Education technology needs to adapt 
40% of college applications are submitted by a mobile device. It speaks to the busy nature of high school students. Most of their application is submitted on the fly between transit to a game or late at night when their homework is finished. We are developing a platform that works for them: that’s fast, informed, and mobile.


Lucas del Priore


Lucas taught in boarding schools and worked abroad as an admissions consultant. He was awarded $150K in scholarship and grants to study at Yale University. He is very nerdy about creating products that can help applicants succeed.

Editorial Manager

Brie Sutherland

Editorial Manager

Brie is an editorial and social media manager from the Pittsburgh area. She currently works as a section editor for The Red and Black Newspaper. Brie is working on her BA in English and Computing  Information Studies at Washington & Jefferson College.

female founder

Hang Nguyen


Hailing from Vietnam, Hang matriculated to college with a full scholarship at just 16. She guides international students, and partners with schools to support college counselors. Hang is a competitive sushi-eating champion.

content writer

Rachel Hertzberg

Content Writer

Rachel is a senior at Bryn Mawr College studying English and Spanish. She hopes to use her experiences with the college process to help others. In her free time, you can find Rachel reading and making crafts!

Content writer

Clara Mouawad

Content Writer

Clara is a content writer based in sunny California. Clara is a professional wordsmith. She has her BA in Communications from Thomas Edison State University. She loves researching admissions trends and writing all things college-related.

mini pig


App. Reader

Ellie is a core member of the Leadovate team, she always “roots” on the students in need of college help. She is a problem solver who thinks on her feet and always down for snacks. Mighty for a mini pig, Ellie double majored in both reviewing and eating articles at Snout University.


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