Balancing Social Life with School

Post by Sarahjane Hehre • At 1:19 pm Friday, 22 November, 2019

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The last few miles of a race are always the hardest to get through. You can almost see the finish line but you still have to put in hard work and exert high amounts of energy to get there. With finals coming up around the Holidays it might seem like time is against you. How can you enjoy the break with your friends and family if you have to study for the ten exams you have coming up? Of course, that is an exaggeration but it still feels like a lot. Education is important, we all know that, but so are the relationships in your life. So to make sure you are still achieving your academic goals while not shutting yourself off from the world, start by prioritizing. 

Prioritize your classes. There are plenty of opportunities to emerge yourself in social occasions, however, your classes have deadlines. With that being said, in order to feed your social butterfly, get organized! Plan your social events ahead of time and choose them wisely. Buy yourself a calendar and mark off each homework, essay, and exam deadline date. Perhaps place personal deadlines as well. For instance, if you have an essay due the 20th, maybe your personal deadline will be the 10th for the first two paragraphs. Therefore, you will have mapped out your study and work times, as well as your deadlines, allowing you to better know when to plan your social events! During the planning process, coordinate with your friends. Ask them for specific dates they have planned or will want to plan a day together. This way the temptation to skip out on your study times for an unexpected plan won’t arise. 

Furthermore, since your days are mapped out in such a way that allows you to stay on track with school while attending that concert or dinner party, try to avoid temptation. Yes, this will be tough, especially when you live on campus. But to make it easier for yourself, surround yourself with friends who also take their education seriously. In addition, put yourself in environments with less temptation, like the library or a quiet coffee shop. Even better, go to these places with friends! You may find it more comforting to do your work at the library on a Saturday afternoon if your close friend is sitting beside you. 

Although these tips are better practiced with time in advance, the fact that next week you want to be gobbling down turkey without a worry in the world may make these tips seem invalid. So for short term notice, and this will probably happen again throughout the year when an event pops up -get this- follow these tricks anyway! Dedicate days to friends and family but also dedicate days to studying and homework. There is plenty of time in the day to get done what you need but remember the key word – balance. Map out your time efficiently and effectively. Most schools will be closed so use those extra hours to get stuff done! However, for the time you decide to allot for your social life, spend it with gratitude and in peace. Don’t worry about the next time you have to sit down at your desk to do some work. If you use your time correctly, it will all work out. Read How To Perfect Time Management to make this process as seamless as possible. Study hard and have fun!

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