Best Youtube Channels to Perfect SAT Scores

Post by Sarahjane Hehre • At 4:41 pm Wednesday, 30 October, 2019

SAT/ ACT Test Prep

A common goal for the majority of high school students is to do well on their SATs. Students invest in SAT prep books, conduct research via the internet or hire an in-person SAT coach. All of these options are helpful but they can take up a great deal of your time and money. Displayed below are three Youtube channels that are FREE and useful when studying for the SAT’s. 

  1.  Khan Academy

The Khan Academy Youtube channel offers a plethora of videos to help improve your skills. Videos range from 2 minutes to 20 minutes with each video being specific to the title. Khan Academy offers writing, math and science tips through a detailed, step by step video. Khan Academy goes into acute detail on how to write or perform each method in a simple, easy to understand fashion while covering how it applies to the SATs. They also offer additional help on their website, provided here: On their website, you can find official full-length SAT’s from the College Board, quizzes and thousands of practice questions for FREE. 


  1. Brian McElroy Tutoring 

Brian McElroy’s channel provides help for the SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, and ISEE exams. Brian McElroy is a Harvard Graduate who scored a perfect score on his SAT’s! His channel consists of 122 videos where he personally dives into different topics and skills necessary to know for the SAT’s. If you have specific questions, he offers his email and a discussion board via Youtube which allows you direct contact with him and receives almost instant feedback and answers. He further provides tips on how to properly use the tools given when taking the SAT’s to your full advantage!


  1. SupertutorTV 

The SupertutorTV channel supplies tips, tricks, and advice on SAT and standardized test prep. They have over 170K followers and over 100 videos that are constantly being updated. SupertutorTV divides its channel into sections making it easy to access and follow.  The tutor herself is a Stanford educated SAT/ACT prep tutor. She makes her videos colorful and upbeat making it easier to stay focused and involved. This particular channel not only provides tips and insight but also study hacks and tricks to help develop your studying techniques and get the best out of your research and learning! Check out these channels to access beneficial and useful resources when preparing for the SATs. The more help the better, not to mention it’s all free! 

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