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Post by Sarahjane Hehre • At 6:48 pm Friday, 6 December, 2019

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Writing a well formulated and interesting essay in a small period of time is challenging and sometimes may feel impossible. There are few educationally related moments that are more stressful than sitting down to write an essay that will decipher part of your future than feeling unprepared. So how do you best avoid the pressures of your SAT essay beforehand? There are both common and uncommon essay recaps and reminders that can help you feel more prepared and confident to write your best essay.

Some of these tips are tips you probably already know, or tips that any SAT tutor or teacher may remind you of prior to the test. To begin, they will include giving a clear and concise thesis and staying focused and on topic towards the passage provided. In addition to including an introduction AND a conclusion and using effective and appropriate word choice. 

Your thesis is, arguably, the most important sentence in your essay. This specific and organized sentence will direct the reader towards what it is exactly you will be discussing, arguing or interpreting. Crafting a strong thesis will show confidence in your writing and showing how it correlates to the essay question will show the reader you know exactly what is being asked of you. With that being said, stay focused on your thesis throughout the whole essay. Your thesis is your main point in your essay and all the other words you use throughout your essay will be chosen specifically to make sure you are, in fact, proving this point. It is easy to get random ideas and inspirations in the 50 minute period you are writing your essay but if you stay focused and relevant, your essay will unfold more fluently and in an interesting manner. 

Furthermore, in order to stay focused and follow your thesis accurately and suitably, note the word choice and language you are using. Efficiency with your word choice and language will help entertain your thesis more appropriately. Show off your vocabulary and style of writing if it is fitting to your thesis. The rubric looks for cohesiveness, well written sentence structure, and highly used effective language. So be sure to incorporate this into your essay while keeping it appropriate and congruent.

Finally, include an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. SAT graders have a lot of essays to review, so getting them intrigued from the very start is critical. Make sure it’s interesting but also simplistic and to the point.  Include your thesis and a brief description of the different arguments you will be making throughout your essay. By doing so, you will be giving the reader/grader a clear guide as to what they will be looking for. As for the conclusion, be careful of repetition. Considering offering a new point or idea you haven’t made. The conclusion paragraph can allow you to show your creative side, which will show the grader you are a well rounded writer. Have fun with this but make sure you are still adding appropriate points and information!

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