Leadovate is an AI-powered app for college applicants to write the college essays, Common App, and FAFSA better and with feedback in real-time.

It structures the writing process, personalizes admission guidance, and analyzes the student’s tone.

Shift Work from Counselors to Students

With counselors nationality outnumbered 1-475 students, we don’t believe in creating yet another counseling-facing tool. We are creating mobile-friendly, autonomous solutions that students actually enjoy using to get done the work they have to do.

Juniors and seniors start writing their college applications earlier

Applicants wait too long to write their essays or Common App because they don’t know how to start multiple 650-word essays. Our platform  deliberately scaffolds the writing process so writing is complete in effortless bursts that culminate in a finished draft.

Personalized college application guidance

Our students are most excited about our targeted content for whichever essay prompt, Common App or FAFSA section they might write. Through admissions strategy, they learn to articulate relevant strengths they didn’t know they had, and through lessons in creative writing they weave those experiences into powerful stories of character.

How it Works

Leadovate builds structure, guidance, and feedback into writing so students are continually nudged forward

Admissions strategy that’s Personalized 

Relevance motivates learning, so we offer micro-courses for whichever essay prompt or common app section the student must write. Our innovative curriculum helps students identify relevant admissions strengths and to present their best selves. 

Scaffold the writing of the college application 

Structure builds confidence. Many students struggle to start writing what seems like a daunting task. Our app chunks the writing process into through quick bursts of microlearning so that applicants are nudged to write a little each day. 

Continuous feedback on tone

Building feedback throughout the writing process gamifies learning. Students respond more productively to corrections that are automated than to feedback from peers and teachers. 

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