Free SAT Resources

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SAT/ ACT Test Prep

Free SAT Resources

Free (SAT) Resources That Actually Help


When studying for the SAT, resources are necessary. Free resources are great. However, the true gems are the free resources that actually help. As you gear up to take the test, you’re already spending money on the official SAT guide book and the exam itself. There shouldn’t be any reason you have to pay for supplementary help.


At the same time, there is nothing more tedious than having to sift through all the available material out there, trying to find the ones that are indeed useful. So, we’ve done the work for you. Below is a list of free resources that will improve your skills without costing you a dime.


The five resources that have made it on this page work because:

  • They are up-to-date with the current SAT content
  • They are easily accessible
  • They have been vetted and proven successful by students who have used them
  • There are no hidden fees involved


With all of that said, let’s take a look at the list.


  1. Khan Academy

This here is a gold-mine. Khan Academy partnered with the College Board to create and provide a free extensive SAT study guide. This includes everything from diagnostic tests, customized study recommendations, video tutorials, practice questions, and full-length tests.


As you begin to study, you’re going to become best friends with Khan Academy as you’ll find many resources here that will set you up for success:

  • Full-length SAT tests (both an online version and one you can print)
  •  Math practice problems (broken down by topics)
  • Reading and Writing practice problems (broken down by topics)
  • Videos that provide detailed answers to every problem listed in the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide
  • A wide range of tools, from studying tips to lesson plans


  1. SAT Student Guide

This resource is actually provided by the creators of the test, so you know the content is on point. They have released a 2018/19 version, ensuring the practice is up-to-date. You can print this 56-page guide, or read it online, either way, it will give you a well-rounded explanation of what is going on.


This may be a good place to start, as it is comprehensive and covers the content and format of the test as well as preparing you for the questions you’ll face. What you’ll find in this student guide:

  • Information about the SAT
  • Test-taking advice at tips
  • Sample test questions


  1. Vocabulary for SAT – Flashcards, Tests, Words (App)

This resource is all about the details. Downloading an app to your phone that allows you to improve your SAT vocabulary is a painless (or semi-painless) but productive way to prepare for the Reading/Writing portion of the test. This app also allows you to bookmark problems to look up later if needed and provides tests to familiarize yourself with the format.


While it doesn’t cover everything, it is great for a free app. Aside from daily questions, it includes:

  • 4,000+ SAT words and definitions
  • Ability to create word lists and flashcards to help categorize content
  • Provides an audible proper pronunciation tool
  • Provides tests and summaries to showcase your progress


  1. Analyze Math

While not only specific to the SAT, this free math resource covers all of the topics that will be included in the test. With thousands of math problems followed by detailed solutions and explanations, this can help you understand the areas you need to focus on.


With this math resource, you’ll find at your disposal:

  • SAT math sample tests with detailed answers
  • Categories include: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, & Trigonometry
  • Free downloadable worksheets
  • Free printable graph paper


  1. Mgraw Hill Education Practice-Plus

Straightforward and simple, this site offers 5 free PSAT tests along with a comprehensive answer guide. This will help you fully understand why the answer is what it is.


Available on this site is:

  • Five free PSAT tests
  • Printables so you can take them with you without lugging a big book
  • Full-length tests so you can practice in the appropriate time it would take for the real test


There are many other resources available, but you don’t need a hundred guides. You just need a few good ones that are going to help you succeed. The websites, apps, and downloads listed above will guarantee that your studying time is spent well and ultimately, will set you up for success.

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