Often our inability to master the SAT is due to ineffective use of time, loose goal setting, and over-practicing what we are already decent at. Our SAT curriculum teaches the science of expertise so that you learn how to get better results in less time as you learn to set meaningful goals, cultivate focus, and target weak performance areas. Your skills in expert practice will allow you to study in 2-hour sessions with undivided attention or to set weekly achievement goals for each SAT subject. We’ll get you better results in less time while teaching you timeless skills in the science of expertise.   

Additionally, we connect you with the best tutors through convenient online learning that can be accessed in the convenience of your home. We apply data to drive results by continually measuring progress through diagnostic tests and building lessons to maximize your gains.


It’s the score each of our tutors obtained. We connect you with experienced and trained tutors who have mastered the SAT, attend Ivy League universities, and have a strong academic track record


We assign you two tutors: one for math, one for writing and reading.Their content expertise will provide you with the best possible tutoring.

Anytime, Anywhere

Online tutoring is convenient and engaging. Through dynamic technology that utilizes digital whiteboards and live video conferencing, you will be connectedand engaged.

Expertise Refined

Our tutors use a standardized SAT curriculum to ensure quality, and they have been trained in pedagogy to ensure students are engaged by realistic goal setting yet challenged by targeting weak areas.


When officers examine your application they are looking for evidence of initiative and passion. They look at your AP courses and activity list looking for these leaderships skills. Practice these skills so that they show up stronger in your application. Expert practice is one such leadership skill. Practice it, and become the leader the admissions officer is looking for.



Studies show that those who approach their work through the method of expert practice learn skills faster and get better results because they understand how to master skills. Our SAT course goes beyond traditional content–we don’t just throw an SAT book at you–we provide you with the skills to thrive. Through short, periodic exercises we train you in the science of expertise so that you achieve a high score in less time. These habits of expert practice will enable you to get better results during the admission process as well as in college after.      

Students who study the science of expert practice might:

  • Cultivate unbroken focus during 2-hour study sessions
  • Set measurable goals for each week
  • Target weak performance areas
  • Not spend unnecessary time on what you know
  • Seek experienced mentors
  • Solicit feedback
  • Apply specific feedback from an experienced mentor. 

Lesson Scaffolding

Knowing what question types you struggle with, we will foster competence and confidence by starting you with your lowest difficulty questions and ramping up to the hardest, rather than risk you getting bored by easy questions or discouraged by difficult ones.

Deliberate Practice

We break these difficult concepts down to their specific question subtypes so that you can deliberately practice your weak areas in rigorous and focused 2-hour sessions. Weekly goals create growth over just a couple weeks.

Diagnostic Exams

We take diagnostic exams regularly to pinpoint the content areas and question types with which you struggle.

Progress Reports

Both you and your parents will receive regular progress reports that track your achievements.


Featured Education Consultants

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Igor M.

Harvard University
Major : Government
SAT : 99th percentile
Specialization : AP Literature, AP Biology, Spanish

Nicholas R.

Cornell University
Major : Computer Science
SAT : 99th percentile
Specialization : AP Algebra, English literature

Kushal M.

University of Pennsylvania
Major : Political Science
SAT : 99th percentile
Specialization : AP Physics, German
Education Consultant

Ashley G.

University of Pennsylvania
Major : Mathematics
SAT : 99th percentile
Specialization : AP Spanish, Russian literature,

Cathy W.

Stanford University
Major : Computer Science
SAT : 99th percentile
Specialization : AP Calculus, AP Chemistry

Ty C.

University of Pennsylvania
Major : Spanish Language
SAT : 99th percentile
Specialization : AP Chinese, AP Environmental Science




Free consultation. Explore your score goals as they relate to prospective schools


A full diagnostic to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses on the SAT or ACT


Assign a 2:1 ratio of tutors. Each student gets a specialized tutor for Math and Verbal


Our tutors scored in the 99th percentile of the SAT/ACT and attend Ivy League universities


Deliberately practice weak areas to build them into strengths


Set weekly goals that are specific and achievable


Receive regular progress reports of your student’s accomplishments


The average point increase after 18 hours of study on the 1600pt SAT

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