Handcrafting Your College Experience

Handcrafting Your College Experience Discovering your own independence for the first time is one of the many benefits of attending college. This benefit comes with a lot of responsibility. However, as it allows you to explore your own interests even if they fall outside your…

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17 Aug

Scams Targeting College Students

Scams Targeting College Students You are officially a college student and you’ve opened doors to all of these amazing new opportunities. However, it is important to remain vigilant because now you’re a target to one of the many scams out there in the world. There…

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09 Aug

Finding the Best Deals on College Books

Finding the best deals on college books Fall semester is closing in. As you prepare to head back to school, you can hear the distant cries of your wallet weeping. This is because even after your loans are filled out and your classes are picked,…

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02 Aug