Benefits from the Science of Well-Being

Boost Academic Performance

Decrease Anxiety

Increase Attendance

Deepen Engagement


*Dr. Martin Seligman, “The State of Positive Education”

Strengths We Teach from the Science Well-Being

“There are 7 character strengths in particular that can be real game changers in academic achievement and success.”

-VIA, Character Institute


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Scoring a 1570/1600 on the SAT doesn’t happen because you are merely intelligent. It happens because you are intelligent, curious, and gritty. It requires the perseverance required to press on and study hours each week while busy with your junior year of high school is not easy. Such grit requires a commitment to focused practice and to a growth mindset that believes in your ability to succeed. Character education facilitates college admissions training on every level because it provides the additional skills to succeed.

Colleges want to see leadership, so we think our approach cuts to the point of admissions. Admissions officers examine her academic and extracurricular profile for the initiative and passion that those accomplishments demonstrate. “Initiative” and “passion”—these are leadership qualities. GPA, standardized test scores, activity lists—the value of these is how they come together to tell a compelling story about her character. Because colleges want to see evidence of leadership, we provide a curriculum that cultivates it.

An evidence-based curriculum
Our character education is based on evidenced-based research in positive psychology. We are inspired by the leading research in positive education and each lesson we design is grounded in empirically proven methods.


Cultivation through habit
These are not one-off activities, but are on-going practices infused into the test prep curriculum or personal essay revision process, to name just two examples. Regular lessons cultivate character through continuous action that tempers our thoughts and behavior like a sharpened sword. Regular assessments are provided to measure character growth over time.


Exercises are inspired by leading
research in the science of well-being.

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