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In addition to the essay recaps you may be reminded of by a teacher, tutor or classmate, there are a few tips that may go overlooked when referring back to common essay tips. You can find more information on common tips by clicking here: Common SAT Essay Recaps. Some of these include repetition, reading the prompt before the passage, stay objective when reading the passage, and incorporating accurate facts while leaving room for interpretation. Reminding yourself these techniques will surely benefit your essay by improving its flow, style, and creativity. 

To begin, advice that is often neglected to come up prior to the SAT test is repetition. For some, this is easy, for others, not so much. Repetition is not necessarily repeating the exact same sentence on separate occasions throughout your essay. It can be as loose as repeating a similar thought or idea throughout your essay. Graders want variety within your essay. They are educated individuals and when you make an interpretation, they more than likely will understand the points you are trying to make as long as you are clear. If you are clear and straightforward in your essay (which graders look for) then there will be no need to repeat yourself. It’s easy to become comfortable with repetition, therefore, you want to steer clear of it. 

Furthermore, during the initial attack of your SAT essay, we suggest reading the prompt before the passage. Reading what the prompt will be asking you prior to writing will allow you to focus on ideas, quotes, and themes within the passage that will help you answer the essay question more accurately. This will also give you the opportunity to highlight information that will benefit you. Reading first will improve your focus throughout the essay. You will be more focused on the claim and argument rather than the story within the passage, especially if it is one that personally interests you.

Moreover, to prove your argument better and establish better credibility, we suggest staying objective when reading the passage. Staying objective when reading the passage given can be difficult, particularly when the topic is a passion of yours. It is also important to do so because your message will shine through in your writing and the accuracy of your argument will be more apparent. Graders always look for this. They want to see that you can relay a message or have an argument backed up by facts. This is easier to obtain when you use an objective perspective. To better prepare, consider reading articles that show the opposite side of what you believe in. While reading, be objective and practice searching for valid information, facts and claims. You don’t have to change your mindset or your set of values, you just have to write a great essay. 

Lastly,  this leads to the final disclosure of uncommon SAT recaps – always be accurate with your facts but leave room for interpretation. Your facts have to come from the story; they have to be truthful and valid. This will show that you can decipher factual information from opinions when reading an article which, in turn, establishes credibility. However, although you have to include accurate facts, you can still interpret the essay how you wish. While doing this though, be sure to stay focused and on topic. Incorporating facts and interpretation will prove you are a well-rounded writer and will show off your skill set, not only when writing an essay but your ability to collect data and apply creativity when reading a passage. You got this! Show them what you can do! 


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