Your College Adventure Awaits

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Your College Adventure Awaits

Preparing for college is like preparing for a long hike. There are a lot of essentials you need to survive; more than just boots and a backpack. Let’s explore how to prepare for your next adventure.

    • Start with a plan.
      • Plan a route of how long your college journey will be, even if you aren’t sure what school you want to go to yet. Do you want to go to a two-year school, four-year, or do a two-two transfer? These are basic details to begin thinking about.
    • Self-Educate.
      • Don’t go into the next few years of your life blindly. There are many great blogs and websites that can teach you what to expect. What struggles may come and how to endure them. When in doubt ask the experts. There are counselors and admissions people with the knowledge and experience to fill in the blanks.
    • You can’t go hiking without the right gear.
      • No not your basic dorm room needs, but the tools to help you apply to the schools in your plan. That means taking the PSAT, studying for the SAT and ACT, then taking them. This also means repeating and retaking them. Building upon your personal traits. And finally writing a strong essay. These measures must be well thought out in order to get your journey started. You wouldn’t hike a mountain without shoes, treat standardized tests and essays the same way.
    • Adventures come at a cost.
      • Don’t let the cost hinder your spirit. Apply to scholarships, keep those grades up, and ask colleges what they can do for you. Most schools give academic scholarships based on grade point averages. Stay mindful of loans and grants.
    • Practice runs.
      • You think you’ve covered all the bases and are ready to go. Before you endure the full journey, take a practice run. Work out the kinks in your study habits and time management skills. Strengthen yourself by working through weaknesses. Prepare for first-year materials and review subjects from high school.
    • You’re almost there.
      • We want to ensure that you are fully prepared for the next step. Use Leadovate’s website to build your essay. Have two people review it. And finally, revise it. It’s time to start the application process.
    • Picking a trail.
      • By now you have narrowed down the type of school you want, filling out those applications. Don’t let rejection letters get you down. The right match is out there. Soon that acceptance letter will be in your hands.
    • Finally, the adventure begins.
      • Look where all that preparing has brought you. It’s time to take on the challenge. There may be difficulties ahead but with a positive mindset, the right tools, and grit you can make it to the top.
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